Company Overview
Company Overview

Established in the 1975, Daggett Sand & Gravel has been a family owned and operated that is now in its second generation.  Daggett Sand & Gravel is committed to giving it's clients the portable solution for rock crushing, concrete crushing, screening, asphalt recycling, demolition, excavation and site-work.

Daggett Sand & Gravel crushing services has undertaken and successfully completed many private and state projects, and plans to continue to provide the excellent service it is known for well into the future. The goal of Daggett Sand & Gravel is to continue to be the leader in the safe and efficient production of quality aggregates in the Northeast and beyond.  Our 28+ years of experience with OSHA and MSHA trained employees in the recycling and crushing industry Safety is Daggett Sand & Gravel's top priority on any job site, and has allowed us to meet our customers expectations. Daggett Sand & Gravel is a full-time employer that is proud to support their employees and their families.

Company Story

Daggett Sand & Gravel was purchased from Gordon Martin by the late LeRoy Hess in 1975 and incorporated in 1990, establishing it into a family run company that was passed onto his sons to carry on.  Stephen Hess primarily focuses on Portable On-Site Crushing Services where he has set the standards and received recognition for his services.


Contact us and let us solve your crushing problems. Our mobile crushing fleet can turn your on-site material into usable/saleable products.

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